Perhaps, the most challenging puzzle with which no one has managed to cope until now.

by banber130389

It has long been noted that our ancestors, particularly during Tsarist Russia, created the most challenging visual puzzles. Just recall these intricate puzzles:

Now, let’s read the dialogue from which the task on the image comes:

– You know, Aunt, I’m playing with a monkey, and I remembered how Mom said that my dad, your brother, remarkably resembles her.

– Naughty boy! Wait, I’ll tell Dad! So, where is he?

Can you find the boy’s father in this picture?

Admit it, finding the father here is practically impossible. But just to make sure that this is indeed a visual puzzle and its task is to find the man in the picture, we will show you what the original puzzle looks like with the task text.

Although, personally, we find it difficult to see the correct answer here.

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