People with an average IQ “fall out” when they see this optical illusion. Only 6% manage to find all the hidden faces.

by banber130389

Sometimes, in the pursuit of a better life, we forget about the most important thing a person has—our health. And it’s not just about physical exercises, which, by the way, have gained high popularity among our population: almost half the country engages in sports regularly.

I want to draw attention to the state of our brain. A vast number of external irritants, meaningless posts on social media feeds, an endless flow of news—all of this clouds our minds.

As a result, more and more people start suffering from distraction, forgetting names, experiencing difficulties in spatial orientation. All the mentioned symptoms are early signs indicating aging of the brain.

The recommendations to avoid this premature ailment are quite simple. It’s important to monitor your sleep pattern, maintain a healthy diet, and not forget about physical exercises.

By the way, in France, they have long ago come up with special images called optical illusions. These images allow testing your attention, thinking, and eyesight.

Today, I suggest taking one of such tests, but keep in mind that deciphering the images may not be within everyone’s capabilities. In this image, you need to find 5 faces. Remember that the task may have a catch, and solving it may take much more time than typical tests.

Friends, be sure to share your results in the comments: were you able to solve all the tasks?

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