People don’t believe there are three differences between these pictures until they solve it themselves. Try it out!

by banber130389

We introduce you a puzzle game Spot the Difference, where the reader must identify differences between two identical images. This kind of tests are enjoyable for both children and adults. Playing this game has the advantage of enhancing focus, visual attention, and problem-solving abilities.

Now you can spend some fun time, and at the same time exercise your brain! Let’s get started. In the introduced picture you can see a scarecrow and a little bunny sitting next to it, eating a carrot.

Your task is simple. Take a close look at the picture, concentrate, and try to find the three differences between them. We are sure you already know how to do it and where to start from, so we hope you will manage to do it in less than 11 seconds! We wish you good luck!

Now, when you are ready, let’s look at the reveal. Here are all the differences, the spot on the shirt, the shine on the carrot and the part of the skirt. Thank you for reading and spending your time productively with us, we appreciate it. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends, so they can test their vision too. Enjoy your time!