Peeking at the young ones. Where did the man in the picture hide?

by banber130389

A beautiful summer day is always a good reason to take a walk in the garden. Especially if this garden belongs to your wealthy parents. And if you’re accompanied by a handsome escort, even better.

Generally, the tradition of strolling in the garden has long been established in the girl’s family; it’s where her father proposed to her mother. And perhaps today, her young man will make a similar proposal to the girl.

So, the action takes place in one of the southern cities of our country in the early 19th century. First of all, the time period can be determined by the attire of the young people.

A girl named Angelina tells her young man, Arkady, what she wants to change in her parents’ garden: to put up a gazebo, install swings, beautify the lawn, and flower beds. She loves to take care of household chores and will gladly tend to her new garden.

But as the young couple strolls, they don’t know they’re not alone in the garden. Someone is watching them. It turns out some young man has sneaked into the garden. Where is he?

Do you see the prankster?