Other than the girls in the picture, there’s an alligator, a parrot, and a cat, but not everyone will find them.

by banber130389

Today, we’ve prepared a very interesting visual puzzle for the guests of our channel, as well as for our regular readers who have wished to become our subscribers.

The scope of today’s task will be simply enormous. The thing is, usually, we ask you to find one, two, or a maximum of three hidden objects in the picture. However, not everyone realizes that sometimes there might be more items hidden in the image than indicated in the task. Today is one such case. Let’s take a look at the task.

In this picture, as we assume, the girls have come to a dance class and are waiting for their turn, more precisely, until the junior group finishes their session. As you might have already guessed, today we invite you to find an alligator, a cat, and a parrot in this picture. Can you do it without any hints? If not, we’ll surely leave a hint below…

Just don’t look at the hint right away, try to manage on your own. How much time did it take for you to find the alligator, the cat, and the parrot?


Let’s do this: we won’t directly show you where the animals are in the picture, but we’ll show you what they look like.