Optical illusion: only half of the users see a rabbit in this vintage picture, can you?

by banber130389

This optical illusion has been circulating the internet for years, baffling users. Can you take a look and accurately determine where the rabbit is hiding?

An old picture doesn’t mean it’s simple! At least, this puzzle will definitely make you strain your brain and eyes.

A couple of hundred years ago, this picture was published in an English newspaper. It remained a subject of discussion for a long time because the population was divided into two camps — some could see the rabbit here, while others couldn’t see it at all. Years passed, newspapers went digital, and the visual puzzle made its way onto the internet. But even many modern people couldn’t solve it.

Take the challenge! Look at the picture, study it carefully, and find the rabbit. Try to do it within 15 seconds — let’s also determine how fast your thinking is.

Think about where it could be hiding? You still have time to examine the picture from different angles.

Once the time runs out and you’re ready to see the answer, scroll down.

So, did you find the long-eared animal? Then stop the timer and note your time.


The rabbit can be clearly seen in the picture if you rotate it 180 degrees.

Now, confess, did you manage to find the animal? Did you make it within 15 seconds?