Only the most attentive will spot the big, nasty mouse in the picture. Where is it then?

by banber130389

And once again, we decided to treat our readers and channel guests to another visual puzzle. Let’s note right away: if you’re afraid of mice, don’t even attempt to solve this puzzle, because it’s actually quite big and nasty.

A little about the situation. A lady of quite a young age, in our opinion, named Rosa, secretly meets with a young man. The young man’s name is Ildan.

They meet far from home because Rosa’s father disapproves of their relationship. Well, and rightly so, the girl’s father is a gentleman with a good estate and dowry, while the lad Ildan is just a local shepherd.

The first misstep of the artist lies in how he depicted the girl and the boy. Look at the difference in their proportions. It seems like the girl is Ildan’s mother.

But in reality, Ildan explains his beloved his plan for escape. He decided that it would be best if they ran away together from home to another city and started living as a married couple.

Rosa agrees, but her only request is to take with them the beloved family pet – a pet mouse named Anfisa. By the way, today Rosa took Anfisa with her.

Where is the mouse in the picture?