Only the most attentive people will spot the mistake in this simple image. Try your sight!

by banber130389

The goal of this Brain Teaser Puzzle IQ Test is for those with a high IQ to find the error hidden in this image of a girl studying in only eight seconds.

There are not so many details in the introduced picture, but it still requires maximum concentration. Our dear reader, we wish you good luck!

There is a little but significant error in there, whish is frequently missed, emphasizing the value of paying close attention to details and having the capacity to spot inconsistencies immediately. All it requires is attention and strong sight.

Now, let’s look at the reveal. There is a mistake in the word “engineering”. We hope you managed to find it before reaching the reveal! Don’t forget to share this brain teaser with your family and friends, and challenge them to solve it too. That way you can also show us your support. Thank you for reading and being with us, we appreciate it. Enjoy your time!