Only the lazy won’t be able to find the cat in the picture. And do you see it?

by banber130389

In a cozy house somewhere in western Siberia, there lived a cat named Varezhka and a dog named Max. Varezhka and Max were pets of the same family, but they never got along.

Varezhka was a beautiful gray tabby cat with piercing green eyes. He was very independent and didn’t like to be bothered by anyone. Max, on the other hand, was a friendly golden retriever who loved to play and always tried to make new friends.

Despite Max’s friendly nature, Varezhka always treated him with suspicion. He didn’t like that the dog was big and loud, and he was often irritated by his playful antics. Varezhka would often hiss and swat at Max whenever he tried to get too close.

Max couldn’t understand why the cat didn’t like him. He tried his best to befriend him, but Varezhka always pushed him away. Max felt sad and hurt because he just wanted to be friends with Varezhka.

One day, the cat came up with a plan to get Max in trouble. He knocked over a vase and made it look like Max did it. When their owners entered the room, they scolded Max and told him he was a bad dog. Max was upset because he knew he didn’t do it, but he didn’t know how to prove his innocence.

Can you find this mischievous cat in the picture?

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