Only geniuses with a high IQ will see all 10 items in the picture.

by banber130389

In the online discussions, an optical illusion is being talked about that more than 90% of people can’t solve completely. This puzzle was initially published by a resident of India, labeling it as an Indian genius test. And indeed, this puzzle is quite difficult!

In the picture below, an animal resembling a wild cat is depicted. It’s hidden among the leaves, but apart from the cat, there are 10 other things in the picture that need to be found.

Here’s what needs to be found: a cup, a boot, a cap, an ice cream cone, a boat, a funnel, a young moon, a candle, a fork, and a mushroom.

Can you find all the items in the picture? This is a difficult riddle, so we’re not limiting you on time.

Bonus challenge: there’s also a saw and a heart in the picture. If you find those as well, you’re a true genius, and your IQ can be envied!

Scroll down to see the answer. And even wild cats at heart are just ordinary domestic purrs.”

It’s quite a creative challenge! If you’d like, I can assist further or offer hints.