Only geniuses will put the right mathematical signs between the numbers! Try your mind

by banber130389

Dear reader, for today, we want to introduce you a very interesting IQ test exclusively for geniuses. Only the smartest will be able to identify the mathematical operations and give the correct answer. See if you can do it!

We know you love IQ tests, so we’re coming up with a new and fresh one to test your brain. You should guess what mathematical signs should be between the numbers, to have the answer 24! Be attentive and try to solve it before reaching the reveal. And, here is the right answer!

The first operational sign is ^ (raising to the power, so 3 to the 3rd power).

The second operational sign is – (decrease)

Power up is done first, then power down. Therefore:

3^3-3 = 27 – 3 = 24

We hope you succeed!

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