Only an attentive person will see the mother of this mini-gentleman in the picture.

by banber130389

Okay when the family raises their children correctly. Of course, everyone has their own traditions, mentality, and approach to raising sons and daughters.

For example, some forbid any gadgets for their children until school age, some do not give their child dairy products, and some instill the habit of hardening from childhood.

Perhaps that’s why we grow up differently, with different characters, manners, and worldviews from each other. The only thing to consider is that children should be raised to respect and honor their parents until old age.

Look at this boy in the picture. His name is Yegorka, and he is 5 years old. Yegor is being brought up in an ordinary, patriarchal family, where besides him, there are also two sisters. Yegorka is being raised by a strict father, who instills in him from childhood to respect and honor his parents.

Today is Mother’s Day, and the father bought a bouquet of flowers, but decided to give his son a few more lessons in upbringing and asked him to give flowers to his mother.

Puzzle task – Where is the mother of this boy in the picture? Can you find her?