Only 10% of people can find the dog owner in this picture. I spent 1.5 hours on the puzzle.

by banber130389

Many famous visual puzzles have remained popular for decades, continuing to captivate people of all ages.

Now, imagine this scenario. A dog named Muhtar often went hunting with his owner, Vasily. After a long winter, Muhtar longed for the wilderness and eagerly awaited the day when his owner would venture out to hunt in the “new” season.

And then the crucial moment arrived. Morning came, the sun rose in the east, marking the happiest day for Muhtar this year. Vasily was supposed to call the dog and head out for the hunt. Muhtar waited, hoping Vasily would take him along. Hours passed, but no one called Muhtar. The dog began to worry but still hoped his owner would emerge from the house.

Tired of waiting, Muhtar closed his eyes for a moment. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him. It was his owner, Vasily, who had already left the house and set out for the hunt. Muhtar dashed after his owner with all his might.

Where is Muhtar’s owner in the picture?