On the picture, there are fatal errors that the artist made. Logical puzzle.

by banber130389

To develop logical thinking, there are many techniques and methods. One such method is searching for errors in pictures. These logical puzzles are used in many countries around the world, including for testing a person’s IQ level.

Today, we also invite you to test the level of development of your logical thinking. To do this, pay attention to the picture below.

As you can see, in the picture, two ladies are busy cooking dishes. Today, precisely at noon, there will be a banquet to celebrate the founding day of a major company.

The CEO has issued an order allocating huge funds for organizing the celebration. The main events, of course, take place in the kitchen.

The dishes should be delicious and exquisite. But something went wrong, and the artist, whether accidentally or intentionally, made several mistakes in the depicted cooking process.

So, what mistakes did the artist make? Can you understand? There are three of them in total here.