Need to help the hunter find the lion. Where is the lion in the picture?

by banber130389

The human brain is a super-powerful computer capable of performing a huge number of tasks, including quickly orienting itself in the surrounding reality. Therefore, solving various visual puzzles is not only necessary but also beneficial.

Developing imagination is impossible without constant brain training. Our task is to provide you with such puzzles, riddles, and tests. As the saying goes, “Let’s not allow our brains to rust.”

So, friends, today we present to you the following puzzle. What is depicted in the picture? We see a hunter with a dog, searching for a lion. But it seems he’s not alone here.

Somewhere, several other hunters are hiding. In the end, you need to find two more men and one lion in the picture. Of course, finding people is quite easy; they stand out.

Did you see them? On the right, among the trees, we see two hunters. But maybe there are even more of them? Write in the comments if you managed to find other hunters. And now, the most difficult riddle of this puzzle – Where is the lion?

Just be attentive because the lion is watching the hunters. And here’s the question, who is hunting whom, after all?