Mind-blowing optical illusion, that will tell so much about you. What did you see first?

by banber130389

Seal or donkey? This is the main question of this very interesting optical illusion test. Unlock the secrets of the subconscious. Determine whether you are a romantic or a pragmatist.

Who did you see first? Let’s learn more about you.

The image that first catches your eye can tell you something interesting about your character. Have you already glanced at the picture? Who did you see first: the donkey or the seal?


If you noticed the seal first, then you attach great importance to little things, so those around you consider you a very attentive, and sometimes even slightly meticulous person. You have well-developed logical thinking, which makes it almost impossible to argue with you. Most likely, exact sciences and calculations are your forte. People know that it is almost impossible to change your decisions.


If the head of a donkey is what you saw first, your life is mostly controlled by feelings, and not by numbers and facts. You love life and people around you. You are an intuitive person who listens to their heart. You value freedom and hate working under strict control. You don’t like to rush, so carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

A donkey for romantics, a seal for pragmatic mathematicians. But in fact, you can easily combine several of the listed qualities at once, because this is just an entertaining test – and nothing more. We hope you enjoyed this. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones, so they can test themselves too. Enjoy your time!