Kittens caused a commotion in the living room, can you find the cause of the turmoil?

by banber130389

Here’s a simple puzzle from an old French puzzle book. Imagine yourself as Parisians from the past century and take a little break with this easy but beneficial entertainment. It’s interesting for you, and it’s good for your brain.

The hosts set the table for the arrival of guests, and their kittens created a little chaos in the living room: all the cups, utensils, and napkins ended up on the floor. A mouse was to blame, attracting the attention of the fluffy ones.

They rushed to catch it, but the rodent turned out to be faster. Now, the little ones are looking for the unexpected guest to get acquainted.

Help the cats find the mouse as quickly as possible. Before the hosts come and scold the little ones. Time yourself to understand how well-developed your attentiveness and observation skills are. Below, we show where the little mouse actually hid.

We are confident that most of you have completed the task quite quickly. But if not, we’ll show you where to look for the little creature. It took us only 7 seconds.