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by banber130389

In the world where people do everything to improve their kind and IQ, we are very happy to be the part of that process. We introduce you a very intriguing puzzle that will test your math skills. This activity offers a task that seems simple. The task is to move 4 matches so that the coins fit into the glasses.

A challenge that goes beyond normal operations and requires a combination of ingenuity and strategy. This puzzle features glasses created from matches and coins next to them. The mission is to change this pattern by moving 4 matches.

The solution to this problem lies not only in basic math, but also in the ability to visualize patterns, understand spatial layout, and apply logical strategies in creative ways. Concentrate, use your skills, knowledge and logic. We wish you good luck. And now if you are ready, let’s see the correct way of solving it. And here it is!

We hope you managed to guess the right answer, and most importantly, we hope you enjoyed the process of solving it. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends, to see if they can solve it too, that way you can also show us your support. Thank you for reading and being with us, we appreciate it. Enjoy your time!