It takes a special perception to see the animals in this picture.

by banber130389

Have you ever thought that animals, unlike humans, see everything differently? Moreover, each person is also unique and perceives the surrounding world differently. We’re not talking about visual acuity, but rather about visual perception.

What is visual perception?

Visual perception is the ability to interpret the surrounding environment using light in the visible spectrum reflected by objects in the environment.

Let’s say your brother or sister asks you to look at the sky because, in their opinion, they can see a girl’s face in the clouds. No matter how hard you try to visualize the clouds in the form of a girl, you cannot. That’s what sets us humans apart from each other.

Let’s test the level of your visual imagination using a simple picture. Take a look; the artist depicted an ordinary ’empty’ forest. As you can see, the word ’empty’ is in quotes because in reality, there are animals in the picture as well. What animals do you see here? How many are there?

For better perception, we offer you the same picture in black and white. Perhaps this way, you might be able to find all the animals since some people perceive black and white images better.

We await your answers in the comments. We hope you can handle the task.