It looks like the lazy one doesn’t want to help her friend. Where is this lady’s assistant?

by banber130389

It all started when two long-time friends (Galina and Alina), already in their middle years, you know, as they say, “you’re not young anymore, but not too old yet,” went to a nightclub to take a break from their daily problems.

This lifestyle of going out is something the friends regularly practice, all because they are unmarried. Although neither of them particularly seeks to find a partner. So, after having quite a bit of fun and dancing, the friends decided to walk home together at night.

Passing by the city flowerbed, the friends made a bet that they would definitely plant and grow the same flowers in their garden. Then, Alina suggested doing this work together, at her place.

She explained that she has better quality black soil at her country house, and the flowers would grow better there. Galina agreed and promised to be there sharp at 10:00 in the morning.

Now, let’s look at this picture. The lady went out into the garden with a shovel and a watering can, but why should she work alone?

Where is her helper, whom she’s waiting for, since they agreed to plant the flowers together!