IQ Test: Only sharp-minded individuals will be able to guess the mistake the artist made. Can you see it?

by banber130389

Try to solve a puzzle published in the late 1800s in an English magazine! Test your mental abilities.

The level of logical thinking is evaluated not only by the correctness of answers to intellectual tests but also through visual puzzles! The speed at which you can notice details in pictures reflects the efficiency of your brain. So, we invite you to check your IQ with an antique mysterious image.

Examine this drawing carefully and think about what’s wrong here? Yes, think quickly, you need to try to do it within 10 seconds! Look closely at every detail in the picture; perhaps one of them will confuse you…

10 seconds is extremely little. Hurry up! Don’t get distracted by anything; you need to focus only on the task.

If you still can’t figure out what’s going on, scroll down to see the correct answer.


10 seconds have long passed, and now I can confidently show you the answer.

Did you guess what’s wrong here? Correct: anyone who has ever built or repaired a house in the countryside knows that the roof on the house should be laid from bottom to top, not from top to bottom.

Share in the comments whether you managed to solve this puzzle in less than 10 seconds!