In under 20 seconds, 1% of participants were able to identify the four missing people in the image

by banber130389

This optical illusion exam can only be completed this rapidly by those with strong observational abilities. In a span of 20 seconds, a mere 1% of our colleagues and the editorial staff were able to identify the four missing friends in this old photo.

You have probably witnessed a wide variety of optical illusions, including cognitive, physiological, and

 physical illusions. An optical illusion is an intriguing, shifting representation of a thing, a pattern, or a person that plays with our perception of reality.

Research indicates that a subset of optical illusions may fall within the psychoanalytic category that explains perception.

The ancient photograph of a soldier searching the image for his fellow soldiers hiding within is one example of a brilliant portrayal of this kind. A few others said that they had lost their minds attempting to answer this puzzle.

This image is an optical illusion that is just another entertaining technique to see how good you are. Finding the soldier’s four missing friends is the task. See the reveal bellow whenever you are ready!

The four soldiers are hidden in the tree, one on the man’s sleeve, one on top of a rock, one on a lower rock, and some people even see two more. You have to flip the image to view and see them.

Did you managed to solve the task under the limited time? We hope so! Enjoy your time and stay productive and well-exercised with us!