In this room, a parrot has hidden. Can you find the bird?

by banber130389

If we’re talking about parrots that people keep in their apartments, unlike dogs and cats, they’re not considered domestic pets. The thing is, cats and dogs have lived with humans for many centuries.

During this time, humans not only tamed these animals but also managed to breed new breeds, so to speak – “playing with genes.” It turns out that dogs and cats have evolved alongside humans and thus become domestic animals.

Parrots, on the other hand, were simply tamed, meaning parrots are exactly what they are in their natural environment.

By the way, thanks to Grigory Oster and his story “38 Parrots,” in the Russian language, the name of this bird is often used to denote an unknown unit of measurement.

Parrots are also called people in brightly colored clothing and individuals prone to repeated utterance of the same phrases. Now let’s move on to today’s puzzle.

Look at this picture, it was published in one of the French magazines at the beginning of the last century. In this picture, the artist hid a parrot. Can you find this bird in the room?