In the image, there are two rabbits and a dog. However, not everyone will immediately notice the presence of the dog.

by banber130389

In 1974, an obscure Italian magazine showcased a visual enigma. While it didn’t gain widespread fame, it caught the attention of then-President Giovanni Leone. Intrigued by the image, he requested the presence of the artist behind it at an event.

The artist, feeling apprehensive, hurried to the President’s abode. Upon arrival, they found not only Giovanni Leone but also his four children.

Surprisingly, it was the children who had urged their father to extend the invitation, expressing immense gratitude to the artist for the captivating puzzle.

Both the children and Giovanni himself encouraged the artist to compile a collection of similar puzzles, perhaps even into a book.

Consequently, from 1974 to 1978, the artist regularly contributed to various magazines, publishing approximately 750 distinct puzzles and illusions. These mind-benders continue to captivate enthusiasts worldwide to this day.

Today, we present you with a conundrum crafted by an anonymous artist, one that even the President of Italy himself once pondered.

Can you spot the whereabouts of the dog in the picture?