In less than fifteen seconds, identify the three differences and prove your visual skills

by banber130389

We suggest a game that is suitable for both young and old that you may play for a short while during the day. The attraction of identifying distinctions between two photographs has always been universal.

It involves honing your eye to distinguish the three distinct characteristics between the two images. When comparing the two sketches below, you’ll see that while they initially appear to be the same, there are three minor features that set them apart.

You are a true pro at this kind of game if you can identify them in under 15 seconds.

One game that can draw in both adults and kids is spot-the-difference. Children can be entertained and their minds stimulated to pay attention to useful minute details—like in this case, solving the quiz—by being involved in challenges like this one. Getting back to the test, find the differences and see the reveal bellow whenever you are ready!

Here they are! The teacher’s wand, the chart hanging on the wall, and the clock hand in the two photographs are different in hue. Congrats if you were able to identify the three distinctions in under 15 seconds!

You really are an ace at quizzes. Enjoy your time and stay productive!