In just 6 seconds,try your best to spot the hidden strawberry in this detailed and difficult image

by banber130389

The idea behind seek and find puzzles is to locate a concealed object in a picture within a set amount of time. It is helpful to increase attention and concentration by engaging in this exercise for your brain, mind and fast thinking skills.

These puzzles are well-liked by both kids and adults, and they’re a great way to enhance cognitive abilities like visual perception and attention to detail and also having so much fun in the process.

For this test you are given an image to work with in this activity, and your task is to identify the hidden strawberry there.

The picture shows a family of giraffes in a zoo setting. While feeding the giraffes, visitors are having a good time at the zoo. Here, finding a strawberry in the zoo is the issue. In six seconds, can you identify it?

Try your attention span with this exercise. Examine every area of the picture with attention. We wish you good luck. See the reveal bellow whenever you are ready.

Superior observers surely have identified  the strawberries earlier than the set time. We hope you succeed. Here it is! Congratulations to all of the readers who finished the challenge in the allotted time.

Yours are the most perceptive eyes. We wish you good day, stay productive with us and check out other recommended puzzles and tests like this!