In 12 seconds, find three differences in the picture of the girl jumping down the cliff. You can do this!

by banber130389

Spot-the-difference puzzles are a great way to improve cognitive agility and visual memory. Differentiating differences between two very identical photos is a difficult task. Both children and adults enjoy solving them, and that is why we are excited to introduce our dear readers this task.

Strong mental faculties are becoming more and more essential in today’s world. Playing games such as spot-the-difference is a great way to improve one’s spatial awareness and develop abstract thought.

Therefore, spot-the-difference puzzles are a great way to kill time and keep your mind active if you’re looking for something fun to do.

Now, carefully examine the two identical images of the girl. There are three differences between them. Your task is to spot all of them in 12 seconds. We wish you good luck, and we are sure you can do this.  See the reveal bellow whenever you are ready!

The following are the noted variations between the two pictures. These variations give the text more context and clarification. Did you manage to find the 3 of them under the limited 12 seconds?

We really hope so. Enjoy your time, stay productive with us, and enjoy solving other recommended visual tests!