If you see the owner of this donkey in the picture, then your vision is just fine.

by banber130389

Today we present another visual puzzle. Our task will consist of two parts. As tradition goes, let’s start from simple to complex. Try to solve both tasks.

Remember the puzzle where you had to find the donkey in the picture? Back then, in the comments, some saw a pioneer drinking in the picture.

And others suggested that the donkey was actually the one who drew the boy with the glass and the bottle of sparkling wine.

We ask you not to blame the authors-artists of these puzzles, as the customs and morals of those times were different from today’s realities.

Look at the picture. You can see a donkey depicted quite close-up. Can you find the owner of this donkey?

You can leave your answers in the comments. Of course, it was, so to speak, a child’s puzzle, and most participants managed with it.