If you see the mother of this glutton, then your vision is fine. Visual test.

by banber130389

Twenty years ago, in a small village in Russia, lived a little boy named Vasya. Vasya was a sweet and curious child who loved to explore the world around him. But most of all, he loved semolina porridge, the creamy and sweet porridge that his mom, Sveta, made for him every week.

When Mom Sveta cooked semolina porridge, Vasya’s eyes lit up with excitement. He sat at the kitchen table eagerly waiting for the porridge to be ready. And as soon as Mom Sveta placed a bowl of semolina porridge in front of him, he dove in with his spoon and finished it all in a matter of minutes.

But Vasya’s love for semolina porridge didn’t stop there. He always wanted more, always asked for extra servings from Mom Sveta. He begged her to make porridge more often and add more sugar and milk to make it even creamier.

Mom couldn’t resist Vasya’s pleas. She loved her son very much and wanted to make him happy. So, she always agreed, adding extra ingredients to make the semolina porridge even more delicious.

As Vasya grew up, his love for semolina porridge remained strong. He still asked Mom Sveta to cook porridge for him every time he came home from school. And Mom Sveta always complied, happy to see her son’s face light up with happiness.

And there’s Vasya himself, asking for extras from Mom Sveta. Mom Sveta is already tired of it and has hidden herself. Can you see her in the picture?