If you see a parrot in the picture, then your imagination is in good order. The puzzle has the highest level of difficulty.

by banber130389

Not long ago, we presented to you a visual puzzle, the task of which was to find a parrot in an empty room. This riddle was very simple and the majority of our channel’s guests and subscribers managed it.

Today, we will present a puzzle that corresponds to a difficulty level of 5 out of 5. This task was published in one of the ancient Italian magazines at the beginning of the 19th century, at a time when people were just starting to master offset printing.

Today, after so many years, these images – visual puzzles, are public domain, and their originals are housed in the New York Public Library. Therefore, we are pleased to offer it to your attention.

So, in the picture, there is a lady looking at the empty perch of her beloved parrot Kesha. Where is the parrot itself in the picture?

We look forward to your answers in the comments. We hope you will cope with the task and find the parrot in the picture.