If you see a donkey in the picture, then your imagination is fine.

by banber130389

Today we’ll present a very interesting visual puzzle. We want to note right away that the puzzle will consist of two parts. The first part of the puzzle will be quite simple, but we think not everyone will manage the second part.

The Boy and the Donkey. Take a look at the picture, where a boy named Slavik is sitting at the table to have lunch. What’s remarkable is not just that the table is somewhere in the forest, but that there’s a glass and a bottle of sparkling wine on the table. Maybe we’re mistaken and it’s not a boy but an adult man, Vyacheslav.

In this picture, the artist has hidden the boy’s faithful friend – Donkey Valera, who helps the boy with his chores. Can you find the donkey in the picture?

And, as tradition dictates, a bit of statistics from our team. Out of 20 respondents:

– 13 people managed to find the donkey in the picture;

– 7 people couldn’t understand where the donkey is, but after a hint, they agreed that it is indeed there.