I won’t say I don’t see a horse here. Even children found it.

by banber130389

It all started when our child brought this puzzle from logic class and asked what animal we see here.

What animal? We wondered, because it’s just a bunch of stripes, dashes. How can you see an animal here?

But Sasha insisted that there was an animal in the picture and even said which one. In his opinion, it was a horse. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t find a horse here. So we asked Sasha to show it to us, but he said that only the teacher could show the horse, as they were asked to trace its silhouette themselves, but he forgot what it looked like…

The next day we called the teacher to clarify the situation…

But for now, answer this – do you see a horse in this picture?

Those who saw the horse – let us know in the comments – it’s not obvious to us. The answer will be below.

The next day, we called the teacher and asked why children are given such tasks that even adults can’t solve.

But the teacher replied that 40% of the students solved this task, and that the correct answer to this task indicates a high level of brain activity development in the child.

The teacher promised to give the child the picture with the answer, and we became very curious about what this horse looks like.

We’re waiting for our son to come home from school. Finally, it’s 7:50 PM, and our son comes home. The first thing he does is take out the answer from his backpack and show it to us. And here’s what we see. That same horse that kept us awake for a day.

And indeed, there’s no arguing with that.