I see the sheep, I see the young shepherd, but I don’t see the wolf. Where is the wolf in the picture?

by banber130389

“I’m a fierce and scary gray wolf, I see the point in piglets” – Do you remember in which film one of the famous actors of Soviet cinema uttered this phrase?

In fact, in ancient times, wolves posed a serious threat to animals, so a shepherd was assigned to the herd as a mandatory measure. Typically, the owner’s son acted as a shepherd for a small flock, as the job was not difficult but responsible.

Today, somewhere in the vicinity of Old Dubovsk, Nikola took responsibility for the flock of sheep. Nikola himself was an obedient son; on weekdays, he worked at a factory producing soft toys, including realistic wolf and Husky dog toys. But on weekends, he helped his father with the farm.

Nikola actually loved herding sheep because he enjoyed the fresh air and tranquility of nature. Unfortunately, when he returned home, he would likely find one or two sheep missing. The gray wolf is very close and is about to catch the animal.

Where is the wolf hiding? Can you find the wild animal in the picture?