I see the boy, I see the girl, but I don’t see the duck. How about you?

by banber130389

The children live in a small urban-type settlement called “Zaprudinsk.” Their parents are ordinary peasants, and the events take place in 1921.

It so happened that the parents instilled in their children the habit of helping adults with household chores. And today, the children were asked to keep an eye on the ducks, which they took out to swim in the nearby lake every day.

If you didn’t know, ducks are essentially wild animals, and despite being tamed by humans, they still constantly try to break free and escape. That’s why they need to be watched over. To prevent the ducks from flying away, their wings are trimmed slightly.

So today, all the ducks being watched by the children had their wings trimmed. Therefore, they couldn’t fly away. Despite this, one of the ducks disappeared. It couldn’t have drowned, could it?

It couldn’t have flown away either, because its wings were trimmed. But where it went, the children couldn’t figure out.

Can you find the duck in the picture? We’ll warn you right away, it’s not that easy, as the artist has hidden it very well.