How many children does this man actually have? An IQ test only for geniuses. You have 5 seconds

by banber130389

We are happy to present a very interesting and unique IQ test that is specially prepared for geniuses. You need a lot of attention, concentration and patience for passing this. All you have to do is find out how many children the man in the picture actually has.

Intelligence tests are often used by professionals to see what an individual’s IQ level is, and they also develop sight, and problem solving skills. Their good sides will surely be seen within some time, after you include them in your every-day routine.

Nowadays, many such tests are available online in the form of number strings, optical illusions, match tests, funny pictures and others and people enjoy solving them.

Now, let’s get back to our unique task and find out how many children does the man in the picture have? If you Sstill haven’t figured out the correct answer to this quiz or already want to see the reveal to make sure you are right check the reveal bellow!

If you look carefully at the image, you will realize that there are several elements that will lead you to the solution. Specifically, the baby carriage, the pink toy and the boy in the bathroom. Thus, the correct answer is: 3 children. We hope you managed to solve this.

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