How many children does the woman in the picture have? 9 out of 10 people answered this test incorrectly

by banber130389

Find out if you are one of the rarest people who manage to solve this test in just seconds. Let’s test your visual skills with this visual riddle together, that as we mentioned very few have managed to complete. These visual challenges test your concentration and sight!

Statistics show very few people managed to find the solution. All you have to do is find out the exact number of children the woman has.

To succeed in this logic puzzle, you need to pay attention to the small details. Want more hints? What do you think if you look at the different objects that are in the illustration.

How many children does the woman in the picture have? Did you manage to find the answer? Fully concentrate only on the image only, and you will surely find it out. We wish you good luck. See the reveal bellow!

Here is the awaited answer of the IQ test! The woman has three children: there is a baby in the stroller, some skates under the bench and a skateboard in the stroller.

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