How fast can you find out who the criminal is? Test your detective skills with us

by banber130389

The purpose of intelligence tests is to activate the brain’s logical reasoning in order to answer a variety of puzzles and tests. We can only put our problem-solving abilities to the test by using these problems to test our mental faculties.

These are one of the best options! Among the many popular online games, logic challenges—which require you to identify certain things—particularly pique consumers’ interest.

This time you will have to find who the criminal is in the introduced image. The person laying on the ground is dead and one of the other three people has killed him and is the criminal. Get your mind working and figure out the answer. Four males were together in the sauna.

Every time they went there, they brought something different. For example, Jack the musician used his iPod to listen to music, Steve the banker simply brought a thermos to stay hydrated that day; and finally, the two lawyers, Patrick and Michael, decided to bring work documents to read.

However, a terrible thing happened and Patrick passed away, and the three guys who were with him are all under suspicion. Who, in your perspective, killed him? Make an effort to find it out quickly and show off your mental skills.

You must closely examine the image and make an effort to concentrate on all of the features in order to solve this challenging IQ test. See the reveal bellow whenever you are ready!

Steve, who had brought ice in the thermos, killed Patrick. Furthermore, the murder weapon had melted before the cops arrived. This was surely a difficult one, and if you have managed to solve it, you can proudly claim that your intelligence is higher than the average.

Thank you for reading and supporting us, we appreciate it. Enjoy your time!