Here we have the chicken and the eggs, but where’s the egg vendor? He must have hidden himself skillfully!

by banber130389

The question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, is a classic philosophical puzzle that has puzzled humanity for centuries.

From a biological standpoint, the egg came first. This is because modern chickens evolved from earlier bird species, and the genetic mutation that led to the emergence of the first true chicken occurred in the DNA of an egg laid by one of these earlier birds.

So, technically, the first true chick hatched from an egg that wasn’t laid by a chicken. This means that the egg came before the chicken, at least from the perspective of the modern domestic chicken that we know today.

However, from a more philosophical or cultural standpoint, the answer could be different. The chicken has long been a symbol of fertility, nurturing, and life, so one could argue that the concept of the chicken came before the egg. It’s a matter of interpretation and can vary depending on one’s perspective and beliefs.

Judging by our picture today, however, the chicken did indeed come first and bought some eggs at the market. Just as it continues to do today. Can you find the egg vendor, where is he hiding?