French test for signs of dementia. Can you solve 3 simple tasks?

by banber130389

In the 18th-19th century, in France, a very interesting method for assessing the initial stage of changes in human mental abilities was devised. Such tests were conducted in the form of various puzzles.

Puzzles in old French journals were a popular form of entertainment. They were often published as crosswords, word games, mazes, and other types of puzzles. These puzzles were used to challenge the reader’s mental abilities and provide a form of mental stimulation.

1. Find the hunter in this picture.

2. Find the two friends of this soldier.

3. Find the son of this lady in the picture.

In addition to entertainment, puzzles in old French journals also helped increase the readers’ vocabulary and improve their problem-solving skills. They were also a way to relax and unwind after a long day of work or study.

Old French journals also featured illustrations, pictures, and drawings related to the puzzle’s theme. This added aesthetic appeal to the puzzles and made them visually more attractive.

Overall, puzzles in old French journals were an integral part of French cultural and intellectual history, providing a form of entertainment and mental stimulation for generations of French people.

Try to solve seemingly simple tasks at first glance (answers will be provided at the end of the tasks):

We hope you managed to complete all the tasks. If yes, then your cognitive mental abilities are in good order.

And here are the correct answers; we hope you managed without hints.




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