Find three differences in 12 seconds between the couple’s baby photographs! A fun challenge!

by banber130389

In 12 seconds, readers with a sharp focus can identify three distinctions between the couple’s infant images and demonstrate their problem-solving abilities. Try your observational skills now and find out if you are one of them.

To complete this “spot the difference” problem, a high level of attention to detail and high concentration is required. Regularly putting yourself through such obstacles can help you focus and feel better mentally.

For this reason, puzzles appeal to people of all ages nowadays.

A couple holding a baby is shown in the two identical shots. Within 12 seconds, you must identify the 3 distinctions between them.

It’s important to keep in mind that while some of them are obvious, others do call for close attention and are very well hidden.  Have one last look and make sure you have found all of them. See the reveal bellow if you are ready.

Here they are. Congratulations to the readers who managed to identify every distinction under the limited time. You truly have strong eyesight. If you had fun doing this exercise, feel free to share it with your loved ones and see who can figure it out the quickest.

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