Find the mistake in this detailed picture in 5 seconds. Test your sight and attentiveness!

by banber130389

Here is another IQ test for intelligent and attentive people like our readers. We want to help you combine having nice time and also spending it productively. Tests like this train our mind and make it faster.

Let’s see what is our task for this one. We introduce you a simple picture, where you can see four people at a café, and one of them is a waitress. There seems to be nothing wrong with it, but there is actually a mistake in the picture.

There is a detail, that is wrong, and you should try and find it under 5 seconds. Look at the picture attentively, we wish you good luck! Don’t underestimate this test, and even if you find the mistake too quickly, it only means that your IQ is higher than average. Let’s look at the reveal.

The mistake was not in the background or in the blurred part of the picture, it was right in front of it. The slice of cake didn’t have a plate, but of course, they would never serve the cake like that at the café.

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