Find the goose, rabbit, and dog within 30 seconds — 89% won’t succeed.

by banber130389

Take a look at this picture: it depicts a girl descending from a mountain in full mountaineering gear. Perhaps she conquered Everest or some other serious peak and is now returning to her tent. It’s impressive because mountaineering is not an easy activity, traditionally pursued mainly by men.

Our puzzle is a bit simpler, but you still need to think about it: go back to the picture with the girl and try to find a goose, a rabbit, and a dog within 30 seconds.

Did you manage? Great! But we have news for you: those are not the only animals, and you can find more if you want. We deliberately don’t name them so that it’s more interesting for you to search. Can you find all the animals?

Scroll down to see the answer.

Here are the animals you needed to find: