Find Mario among the Luigis: a quick attention test for adults and children. Can you do it in just 5 seconds?

by banber130389

Long time no exercise for your eyes? This quick visual puzzle will help you get back in shape!

Training your attention with visual puzzles is an excellent way to distract yourself, relax, and have fun while improving concentration and memory.

Ready to stretch your brain and eyes?

In the picture below, rows of faces of the famous video game character Luigi are depicted. They all look similar, except for one. Try to quickly find the odd one out!

Before you begin, set a timer: can you solve the puzzle in 5 seconds or less?

Start the timer and begin your search:

Only one small detail distinguishes Luigi’s brother, Mario, from the other faces in the drawing. Look closely, and you’ll surely spot it!

If you’re still having trouble finding it or want to check your result, scroll down – the answer to the puzzle awaits you there.


Pay attention to the letter on the center of the cap.

How many seconds did it take you to find Mario? Share in the comments!