Everyone sees the ostrich, but not everyone will understand where the hunter is hiding. Visual puzzle.

by banber130389

Hunting ostriches is quite an unpopular activity, at least in our country. It’s clear that for Russia, ostriches are quite “wild” animals. In the sense that few people keep them on farms. On the other hand, there are ostrich farms where they breed ostriches, organize tours, and sometimes even ostrich races.

As you all know, every animal has a short memory. The ostrich is no exception, but due to the fact that an ostrich’s brain is the size of a walnut, its short-term memory lasts only 45 seconds.

Just imagine, you approach an ostrich with a treat, it takes it from your hands, turns away, chews, swallows, and when it turns back, it doesn’t remember you anymore.

But it’s very interesting because a new life cycle of the ostrich begins every 45 seconds. And so it goes on for its whole life.

Something similar was in the movie “Groundhog Day,” only for the ostrich, it happens even faster. In that movie, the man lived the same day every day, but the ostrich every 45 seconds.

Let’s move on to the task of our puzzle. Look at this picture. It shows an ostrich running on all its legs through wooded terrain. Who is it running from? Here it is, that very ostrich safari, and it’s running from the hunter.

Can you find the hunter in this picture?