Everyone can see the elephant, but only the most observant will spot his owner.

by banber130389

Once upon a time, there lived a circus elephant named Bimbo. Bimbo was a magnificent elephant and had performed in the circus for many years. But one day, something changed in him.

Bimbo became increasingly dissatisfied with his life in the circus. He grew tired of spending the whole day locked up in a small cage and performing tricks to entertain the audience. The elephant longed for freedom and a life where he could roam freely in the wild.

One day, when the circus was performing in a small town, an opportunity presented itself for Bimbo to escape. His trainer left him unattended for a few minutes, and Bimbo seized the chance. He broke free from his chains and ran away from the circus.

The townspeople were astonished and frightened to see an elephant running through their streets. Bimbo ran through the town, knocking over fruit stands and causing chaos. He kept running until he reached the outskirts of the town and disappeared into the nearby forest.

The circus owner and his men pursued Bimbo hot on his heels but couldn’t catch him. Bimbo wanted to remain free and never return to the circus.

Days turned into weeks, and there was no sign of Bimbo. The circus owner lost hope of ever finding him. But one day, a group of tourists spotted Bimbo in the forest. They noticed that he looked thin and weak and realized that he needed help.

So, where is the owner of this elephant in the picture?