Eagle eyes required! in 11 seconds, can you locate the hidden band-aid in the detailed image?

by banber130389

For ages, seek-and-find puzzles have captivated and bewildered humans. These engaging pictures show how our brains process visual information in fascinating ways, challenging our perception.

One of these fascinating hide-and-seek puzzles in this article has a hidden band-aid in a school lunch scene.

Seek and Find puzzles take advantage of a number of physiological and psychological characteristics, including the way our eyes interpret colors, patterns, and forms as well as our brain’s propensity to fill in the blanks and create assumptions.

With only 11 seconds remaining, can you accept the challenge and find the concealed band-aid in this hectic scene?  Look for the band-aid’s shape. Enlarge the picture. Have you located the secret band-aid? If you are ready, see the reveal bellow!

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