Do you see a man and a woman in the empty room? They are here.

by banber130389

The optical illusion we present to you today was created by a German illusionist and artist named Hilbert Schwarz. At the end of the 18th century, his sole source of income was creating optical illusions, which he published in journals and newspapers of that time.

Unfortunately, Hilbert Schwarz did not gain much popularity, but his works can still be found in antique libraries, and these mysterious images themselves have become part of the public domain.

We present one of Hilbert Schwarz’s popular illusions. Take a look at the picture. What do you see? Yes, an empty room, a table, two chairs, and a lamp. There are cards on the table, indicating that someone decided to play a game.

Now, think about it: even if we suppose that the players left the table (to smoke, take a break, etc.), why did they leave the cards face up? When they return, they’ll see each other’s cards.

In reality, the room is not empty at all, and there are two people in it – a man and a woman. Can you find these people in the picture?