Difficult spot-the-difference puzzle: find the distinction between the two images in 25 seconds.

by banber130389

Some people adore puzzles for finding differences, while others often lack the attention and patience for them. Which category do you fall into?

Spot-the-difference puzzles are an engaging tool, allowing you to both pass the time and train your observational skills. So, don’t just pass them by!

In two drawings, a woman wearing glasses is depicted writing something on paper. These drawings may seem entirely identical, but they are not.

Your task is to carefully study these images and find five differences between them. But don’t rush to start the task – first, set the timer. Will you be able to complete it in 25 seconds?

Prepare the timer, start it, and begin your search!

Examine every detail: some differences may immediately catch your eye, while finding others might require effort. There are FIVE differences in total!

Have you already succeeded and want to check the result? Then the answer awaits you at the bottom of this article.


Here are all five differences.

Be sure to share in the comments how much time it took you to find the differences!