“Count donkeys in the fall.” Where is the lost donkey in the picture?

by banber130389

Have you ever thought about what the expression “counting chickens in the fall” means?

This expression means that the success of a matter should be judged after its completion, after it’s fully done. For example, you’ve started your own business and bragged about it to a friend, and their response is, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” This means that the results of your business could vary, and its success should be evaluated later.

But why chickens specifically? Why not calves, geese, donkeys, and so on? There’s a reasonable answer to this question too. Many peasants in Russia invested their capital, their resources, specifically in chickens. After a season, a good hen would grow from it. In general, it just became a common saying. Any animal could have been in the place of the chick.

Take a look at this gentleman. It’s autumn, and he, the owner of the yard, a prosperous peasant named Nikolai, decided to take stock of his livestock. Everything seems to be in order, except for the absence of one donkey. Where did the donkey hide in this picture?

We understand that this puzzle was very simple. Of course, everyone managed to find the donkey in the picture. Or not? Write the correct answer in the comments.