Circassians don’t see the bear, but you do see it in the picture, right?

by banber130389

The Circassians are an ethnic group from the North Caucasus region, including the modern territories of Russia, Georgia, and Turkey. Circassians have ancient hunting traditions, including bear hunting, which was an important cultural practice.

The traditional method of Circassian bear hunting involved the use of dogs, spears, and traps. Dogs, specially trained for bear hunting, were typically large and strong, such as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka. The dogs tracked the bear and barked loudly to alert the hunters to its whereabouts.

Hunters then approached the bear with spears, attempting to injure or kill it. However, bears are extremely strong and dangerous animals, and hunters often had to resort to traps to capture them. These traps typically consisted of large, heavy wooden boxes filled with food. Once the bear entered the box to eat the food, the door would close behind it, trapping it inside.

After capturing the bear, it would typically be killed, and its meat and fur would be used by the Circassians. The fur was used to make clothing and blankets, while the meat was consumed as food.

Today, bear hunting is prohibited in many regions, including most of the territory of Russia and Europe, for conservation reasons. However, the traditional Circassian method of bear hunting provides insight into the rich cultural heritage of this ethnic group.

Let’s help these Circassians find the bear in the picture.